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Until Dawn Review

The premise of Until Dawn is something every horror movie fan will be familiar with – a group of teenagers go to a very secluded place, away from civilization, in this case a cabin in the woods (get it?) for a weekend party and end up being picked off one by one by someone or something. It sounds like a typical 80s slasher movie and that’s because that’s exactly what the studio was going for. You might think, the game’s generic, but there are a plethora of twists to make this seemingly stale formula seem fresh.

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Is Microsoft on the way to regaining their throne?

I’ll be quite honest, I’m a die-hard Microsoft fanboy. However, even I’ll admit that they’ve looked really shaky in the past few years – they’ve played it way too safe and they’ve been way to happy to retreat into this shell of theirs. They’ve basically looked like a former shadow of themselves. Microsoft was too comfortable in their shoes after the enormous success of Windows 7; they thought they had the “Midas touch”. Clearly they had forgotten about Windows Vista and how poorly received it was. Then came Windows 8 and it was such a disaster that Microsoft was jolted back to their senses. The damage control started, major changes were made in the company and they seemed determined to right their wrongs. Fast-forward to now and Microsoft seems like it’s on the verge of dominating everything again.

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Why I dislike the Mass Effect 3 ending

Heads up: I’m gonna be discussing the ending of Mass Effect 3 as the title suggests. So, if you haven’t finished the game or are going to play the game in the future, don’t read this.

The Mass Effect series is my second-favourite RPG series, just behind The Knights of the Old Republic series and probably because Mass Effect reminds me so much of Star Wars. It’s Star Wars, except it’s not (get it?). So let me make a quick comparison – Mass Effect 2 is the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. It bettered everything that its predecessor did, the inventory system was revamped (Thank God!) and even though some people say that it removed some of the RPG elements, I didn’t mind at all. Then came Mass Effect 3. 

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A tribute to P.T.

I had the good-fortune of playing P.T. a while ago and I remember the exact words I said after I finished my play-through of it,  “This game makes me not want to play horror games ever again.” and that’s a good thing because it’s a testament of how scary the game is. Its been a month since I last walked down that terrifying L-shaped loop and I’ve noticed something – I’m still afraid. Never before has a horror game affected me so much that even a month later I don’t want to walk around my house unless all the lights are on. The funny thing is that it’s not even a game, it’s a demo. Now if the demo was this good, I couldn’t wait for the real game(“Silent Hills”) to roll out. However, the internet dropped a bomb on me this week by informing me that Hideo Kojima was leaving Konami and that Silent Hills was to be cancelled. I’ll be honest, I shed some man-tears.

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