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My Short (And Not So Sweet) Experience With Android

I remember the moment I used my Lumia 710 for the first time – all the bright and vibrant tiles and the user friendly user interface made the switch from Symbian a dream experience. After six years with Windows Phone, I was expecting the same idyllic transition to Android. Alas, it was not meant to be. After a few days of fiddling with my Android and learning the ins and outs of the system, I found myself viewing it as a hub of different applications rather than a closed and integrated operating system. In other words, I thought it was a hotch-potch of an OS lazily thrown together at the last moment. I was very disappointed to say the least.

I was puzzled at first by the enormous market share that Android has, but then I realised that people don’t really have much else to turn to – Windows Phone is starting to seem like an old memory and not everybody can afford an iPhone. It makes sense then that there is such a profligacy of Android users.

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Switching from Windows Phone to Android

I’ve been using Windows Phone ever since the release of WP 7.5. My first Windows Phone was a Nokia Lumia 710. It was very small, looked very mundane and had middling specs. However, I didn’t buy the phone for its looks or its technical brawn, I bought it for its OS. I’m a very big Microsoft fanboy and so is my father. So, when we heard of the release of a Windows Phone in India, we jumped at it. Before that I was using an old, yet sturdy Nokia 5233 which didn’t really pass for a “smartphone” any more. Thus, when I had the phone in my hands, its drawbacks (of which there were plenty) went unnoticed by me because of how novel, not just the phone, but the concept of a smartphone was to me.

Wasn’t the prettiest phone out there, but I didn’t care

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Is Microsoft on the way to regaining their throne?

I’ll be quite honest, I’m a die-hard Microsoft fanboy. However, even I’ll admit that they’ve looked really shaky in the past few years – they’ve played it way too safe and they’ve been way to happy to retreat into this shell of theirs. They’ve basically looked like a former shadow of themselves. Microsoft was too comfortable in their shoes after the enormous success of Windows 7; they thought they had the “Midas touch”. Clearly they had forgotten about Windows Vista and how poorly received it was. Then came Windows 8 and it was such a disaster that Microsoft was jolted back to their senses. The damage control started, major changes were made in the company and they seemed determined to right their wrongs. Fast-forward to now and Microsoft seems like it’s on the verge of dominating everything again.

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