The Walking Dead The Game – Do our choices even matter?

Disclaimer: I am going to be discussing plot points of The Walking Dead video game series (both season 1 and 2), so if you haven’t completed the games yet or have any intention of playing them in the future, don’t read this! (Unless you like spoilers, in which case, go nuts!) Let me just start off by saying that The Walking Dead Season 1 is my second-favourite story-based video game, just behind Knights of the Old Republic. I’m a huge fan of the T.V. series and also the graphic novel so playing the game was a no-brainer. At first I was a bit skeptical about the it being an adventure game that was point-and-click based like the LucasArts games of the 90s, but since it was being made by the able minds at Telltale Games, I had quite a lot of hope for it. After the disaster that was the other Walking Dead game (it’s so bad I can’t even remember its name), this series needed a hit. And a hit it did get! This was the only game that has ever made me shed tears (man-tears mind you!) and that says something about it. It was brilliant in every way imaginable. However, at the end, I was left asking myself this pertinent question – “did the choices I make throughout the course of the game even have an impact on the ending?” (This holds true for the second season as well.)

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Manchester City’s 2014-15 Season- where it went wrong…

Manuel Pellegrini won the Premier League and the Capital One Cup in his first season in charge of Man City and impressed many, including me. I liked, no I loved his hyper-aggressive strategies and that thirst for goals that never got satiated. The entire 2013-14 season was a thriller with Liverpool and its brilliant Luis Suarez giving City a run for their money. Pellegrini bought some excellent players in that season – Alvaro Negredo, Jesus Navas, Stevan Jovetic and Martin Demichelis, all of whom were instrumental in clinching both titles. Though they were cheaply eliminated in the F.A. Cup and had to face the wrath of Barcelona in the Champions League, it was still an excellent season for the team. It seemed that City were on the road to complete domination of the English Premier League. Fast-forward to the 2014-15, and City are without any silverware, and they sit second in the Premier League table after a string of poor performances. So just where did everything go wrong?

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Why I dislike the Mass Effect 3 ending

Heads up: I’m gonna be discussing the ending of Mass Effect 3 as the title suggests. So, if you haven’t finished the game or are going to play the game in the future, don’t read this.

The Mass Effect series is my second-favourite RPG series, just behind The Knights of the Old Republic series and probably because Mass Effect reminds me so much of Star Wars. It’s Star Wars, except it’s not (get it?). So let me make a quick comparison – Mass Effect 2 is the Empire Strikes Back of the trilogy. It bettered everything that its predecessor did, the inventory system was revamped (Thank God!) and even though some people say that it removed some of the RPG elements, I didn’t mind at all. Then came Mass Effect 3. 

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A tribute to P.T.

I had the good-fortune of playing P.T. a while ago and I remember the exact words I said after I finished my play-through of it,  “This game makes me not want to play horror games ever again.” and that’s a good thing because it’s a testament of how scary the game is. Its been a month since I last walked down that terrifying L-shaped loop and I’ve noticed something – I’m still afraid. Never before has a horror game affected me so much that even a month later I don’t want to walk around my house unless all the lights are on. The funny thing is that it’s not even a game, it’s a demo. Now if the demo was this good, I couldn’t wait for the real game(“Silent Hills”) to roll out. However, the internet dropped a bomb on me this week by informing me that Hideo Kojima was leaving Konami and that Silent Hills was to be cancelled. I’ll be honest, I shed some man-tears.

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Is it better to watch movies on your computer/T.V. or in the theatre?

A few months ago, I went to a theatre to watch Interstellar and I thought it was a masterpiece (damn all you naysayers!). However, I was constantly tugged out of the experience by people clapping or whistling or shouting at the screen (what’s the point of that anyway?). So this got me thinking, would it have been a better experience if I’d watched it on my computer?

Ughh! Don't we all hate this?
Ughh! Don’t we all hate this?

Well, the first thing that comes to my mind is that you’re going to have to wait a while if you’re going to watch it on your computer. Personally, I don’t mind the wait if it means I’ll have the “complete package” –

  • comfort of my sofa and the freedom to hog the armrest,
  • peace and quiet (unless it’s me doing the shouting),
  • the ability to pause the movie (tell me how many times have you wished that the guys in the theatre would pause the movie for just a moment so that you can take that important phone call or a quick trip to the loo? Too many times.)
  • the freedom to watch the movie at whatever hour suits me and not having to rely on theatre timings.

However, you do lose out on that humongous screen and that crisp sound of a theatre. If one were to recreate that in one’s living room, one would have to be pretty damn rich! Now, I don’t know about you, but I can’t afford that. Well, for the screen, my solution is to stream the content to my t.v. and for the sound, I put on a pair of 7.1 Surround Sound Headphones. Problem solved! Also, popcorn at home is a lot cheaper and so is the Coke. And you don’t have to wait in a queue to get it, unless you’ve got a whole bunch of people watching the movie with you who also want it.

So then why do people go the theatre to watch movies? I believe it’s just force of habit. We’ve become so accustomed to it that doing it any other way just feels wrong just like reading an e-book instead of the real thing seems stupid to me. The truth is that it’s just an all-round better package at home than it is at the theatre and the sooner we realize it the better.

Even Darth Vader agrees.
Even Darth Vader agrees.

Studies or Gaming?

Well isn’t this the ultimate question on a student gamer’s mind – do I give my academics a higher preference or my gaming? How about I relate this to my life? I started class XI (or the 11th grade as you may call it) 3 weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was that everything is now tougher; there’s a huge jump between the previous class and this one and I can no longer start studying 2 months before my examinations and still secure a 90% average. No, now I can no longer spend most of my time gaming or playing sports or even watching television; I have to study, and study hard if I want to get into a really good college.

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Small introduction

Let’s keep this short because no one likes long introductions (especially me). So, this is the first time ever that I’m blogging and I’m certain this isn’t going to be the last. I’m starting this because I’ve always had a “knack” for writing and I thought that this was an excellent forum for me to share my ideas and opinions with everyone. I’ll be writing about anything and everything if possible and I’ll try to keep the posts regular. I’m an avid gamer and a die-hard Star Wars fan (Episode VII just 7 months away. Woot woot!) I plan to study engineering in college so I’m at loggerheads with studies and gaming, but so far, I seem to be doing just fine.

Wow, this turned out to be a little longer than I’d anticipated. Well then, let me get to it.


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