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My thoughts on Bill Gates’ “The Road Ahead”

I’m reading this book 20 years after it was written (it was written in early 1995) and though that has its disadvantages, it’s also surprisingly advantageous in some ways. In this book, Bill Gates (the founder of Microsoft, for those of you who don’t know) predicts the technological advancements of the coming years. The advantages that I spoke of are that not only do you get to read about what one of the greatest minds of the 20th century thought the human race might be able to achieve technologically in the next few years, you also get to see how many of his predictions turned out to be correct (hint: most of them).

I love how he relates stories or experiences from his school-days or college-days to certain products and his passion for technology really shines through in these anecdotes. They also shed light on the technology of yester years and it’s a delight to read, especially for someone as enthusiastic about tech as me. It’s funny to think that 14.4 kbps and 28.8 kbps internet speeds were considered blazing fast at that time, but I guess people twenty years from now will be saying something similar about our current speeds. The funny thing is that he too talks about the technology that was present during his childhood and compares it to technology as it exists now (1995). It’s mind-boggling to think just how much technology has evolved in the two decades since this book was written.

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