The End – Best and worst endings

How do you end something? Whether it is a film, game or book, the moment comes when you have to make a decision and advance towards the endgame. You could always put it off and make your work a trilogy, but even then the end has to come sooner or later. Lets have a look at some endings, that I remember. As you might expect – spoilers follow.

Lets start at the top. The Usual Suspects. This Bryan Singer classic from 1995, launched Kevin Spacey into the a-list, because of his portrayal of Verbal Kint and the ending which still stands as the yardstick for Hollywood. Set up as a swerve from the beginning, this competent, crime thriller is elevated to study-text level because of the twist at the end. The viewer is kept interested by the questioning of Verbal throughout the film. We are told of the failed…

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