A tribute to P.T.

I had the good-fortune of playing P.T. a while ago and I remember the exact words I said after I finished my play-through of it,  “This game makes me not want to play horror games ever again.” and that’s a good thing because it’s a testament of how scary the game is. Its been a month since I last walked down that terrifying L-shaped loop and I’ve noticed something – I’m still afraid. Never before has a horror game affected me so much that even a month later I don’t want to walk around my house unless all the lights are on. The funny thing is that it’s not even a game, it’s a demo. Now if the demo was this good, I couldn’t wait for the real game(“Silent Hills”) to roll out. However, the internet dropped a bomb on me this week by informing me that Hideo Kojima was leaving Konami and that Silent Hills was to be cancelled. I’ll be honest, I shed some man-tears.

Why, Konami Why?!

To me, this was the definitive horror experience. It had everything – suspense, atmosphere, a feeling of claustrophobia, a foetus in a bathroom sink (it’s actually scary, I swear) and a 7-foot tall ghost called “Lisa”. Lisa stalks you throughout the entirety of the game and never lets you feel comfortable. Moreover, the infinite loop enhances the feeling of dread and suspense when you walk through it again and again, forcing you to ask the question each time, “What’s different this time around?” This demo is better than most if not all big budget horror games and it shows that you don’t need ridiculous amounts of money to be poured into a game for it to be successful. (FYI, I go to sleep with a light on in my room now.)

I recently saw an ad for a PS4 with P.T. on it that was selling for $1500. $1500That’s how valuable the game is. Sure, some will say its overpriced, but I guess that’s the price you have to pay to experience the best horror game of all time. This brings me to my next point – P.T. was free. Tell me when was the last time you played something this good that was free? Forget games, when was the last time you experienced anything great that was completely free? Hideo Kojima and legendary horror movie director, Guillermo del Toro put a lot of time and effort into this and they gave it out for free. The twist at the end though, I never saw coming and that was downright awesome! What excited me even more was that Norman Reedus was going to be in it (who doesn’t love Norman Reedus?). On Wednesday, P.T. was taken down from the PlayStation network. No, a piece of history was taken down and it deserves more than it’s getting.

Oh, I forgot to mention, I now fear the R3 button…and bathrooms…and hallways…and, oh you get the gist! It takes a lot for a game to stick with me this long and to earn this much praise from me, but in the end I have to say, that was the one of the best hours I’ve ever spent on a game.

Here's in the hope that we see them together again one day.
Here’s hoping that we see them together again one day.

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