Studies or Gaming?

Well isn’t this the ultimate question on a student gamer’s mind – do I give my academics a higher preference or my gaming? How about I relate this to my life? I started class XI (or the 11th grade as you may call it) 3 weeks ago and the first thing I noticed was that everything is now tougher; there’s a huge jump between the previous class and this one and I can no longer start studying 2 months before my examinations and still secure a 90% average. No, now I can no longer spend most of my time gaming or playing sports or even watching television; I have to study, and study hard if I want to get into a really good college.

Am I really going to turn into this?

So does that mean that I can no longer play video games or play sports or watch movies? Do I have to spend all my “free time” just burying my head in piles of books until my hair goes white? Or do I give up studying completely? What a dilemma! This is what I spent the first week of this new-found hell called “Class XI Science Section” pondering over. Look, I’m not going to sugarcoat anything here. There is a point in everyone’s life where one has to get his priorities straight and for me this is one of those points. However, I’m not going to completely give up gaming. No person in their sane mind does that. Nor am I going to give up my studies.

I’ve come up with a solution – a terribly fatiguing but eventually, mind-blowingly satisfying routine. Basically, I study from Monday to Friday without gaming. This is the time that I really focus and get all  my work done so that I’m slightly ahead of where my school is currently. Then the weekend arrives and it brings with it pure bliss. Saturdays and Sundays are my so-called off-days and I get to play all I want (well apart from my violin and tennis which lasts about a total of about 3 hours). League of Legends and DotA 2 are my best friends those two days and I feel so relaxed after a week of hard work.

Hehe. I'm back!
Hehe. I’m back!

I just have to ensure that I don’t get tempted to procrastinate about my academics so that I can play “for just one extra day”. We all know how long that “extra day” lasts (hint: forever) and I can’t afford to fall into that trap. If I keep things balanced, everything will be fine. My academics are progressing at a very stable rate and I’m climbing the ranks in LoL (despite playing in damn Garena). I get the best of both worlds and you can too if you just work a little harder. So in conclusion, to answer the question that is the title – Studies or Gaming?, I say Studies and Gaming.


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